Kevin Sorbo: 'We are taking God out of everything'

Kevin Sorbo thinks both Hollywood and America could use a bit more faith these days.

Sorbo told FOX411 he believes the U.S. is becoming too secular.

“We are turning into a secular country, aren’t we?" he said. “We are taking God out of everything. We wonder why bad things happen. We worry about schools, well they are taking God out of schools. The whole separation of Church and State... was to keep government out of schools and somewhere along the way our politicians have switched that around. It’s weird to me."

The 57-year-old actor insisted the problems in America would be avoided if people had "any moral principles -- any biblical principles in their [lives]."

Sorbo said fans ask him every day to continue making faith-based, family-friendly films.

“Look at the stuff Hollywood puts out,” he said. “There are tons of movies that are highly sexual and violent… Do we really want six or seven year-old kids watching stuff like that? So there is a huge audience out there and I know Hollywood and New York like to call them the ‘fly-over’ states but there are millions of people living in those states and those people do live by standards and they do live by morals and whether they are biblical or not.”

Sorbo predicted there will be a shift in Hollywood, and the industry will start churning out more faith-based films.

“I think you are going to see a turning point; you can see that happening in our politics right now,” he said. “I think people are so fed up with the status quo."

Sorbo's latest faith-based flick "Joseph and Mary," out on DVD July 5th, focuses on the story of Joseph.

“Everyone kinda knows the story of Mary certainly and the story of Jesus and this kind of covers more about Joseph and what he had to go through,” Sorbo told FOX411. "I love to tell people Joseph is a step-dad to a kid named Jesus. [The film is] from the birth of Jesus till the death of Joseph, and Jesus is 12 years old when that happened, and it kind of deals with King Herod when Jesus was born went out and slaughtered hundreds of  babies up until the age I think of 2 or 3 years old.”