Kendall Jenner's Shower Shoot, Taylor Swift's GQ Cover, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the buzz is about:

• Kendall Jenner recently posed for a couple of  sexy snapshots with photographers Marcus Piggot and Mert Alas, who say they captured Kendall washing away her "sins" in a shower stall in Paris (above and below). In related news, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot are confusing the words "bra" and "mascara" for "sins."

• Speaking of eye makeup, almost nobody does it better than Carrie Underwood. As far as we're concerned, she's got some of the smokiest and most alluring eyes in the business! Watch the tutorial below to achieve her look for yourself, then try to refrain from showering it off immediately afterward:

• Next June, John Williams will become the very first film composer to earn the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award. According to a spokesman for the AFI, it's because Williams "has written the soundtrack to our lives," but we're guessing it's also because we still can't hear the "Jaws" theme without peeing ourselves a little.

• Paul Prudhomme, the larger-than-life celebrity chef who helped popularize Cajun and Creole cooking, passed away on Thursday at the age of 75. He will be remembered fondly by chefs and foodies alike, but he will also be remembered wrongly by the many people who still confuse him with Dom Deluise.

• The soundtrack for the recent Kurt Cobain documentary "Montage of Heck" will reportedly feature Kurt's "previously unreleased" cover of the Beatles' "And I Love Her." But if you noticed, we put "previously unreleased" in quotes, because any true (and unscrupulous) Nirvana fan knows that this version was already ripped and leaked on YouTube six months ago:

• Marvel Studios has announced a sequel to "Ant-Man" called "Ant-Man and the Wasp," which will focus on the continuing adventures of the insect-sized superhero (Paul Rudd) and his new sidekick (Evangeline Lilly). The release date is scheduled for 2018, when maybe one of their foes will finally just kill them with a rolled-up newspaper or something.

• Taylor Swift posed for the November cover of GQ wearing a form-fitting tank-dress over a black string bikini, proving without a doubt that you don't have to show too much skin to be sexy. You do, however, have to be Taylor Swift, or, at the very least, Mae West circa 1933.

• And finally, according to a source for Us Weekly, Tom Cruise is moving from L.A. to Florida because "the people in Hollywood are fake." We can't really disagree with him, either. For starters, not one of his contemporaries has hung from the outside of a moving plane for a brief scene that could've easily been green-screened. The phonies.