Kendall Jenner's Butt on Instagram, Forrest Point's Cast-Iron Cheeseburger, and Much, Much More

Here's the deal:

• Late Wednesday night on Instagram, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of her own butt in a pair of Calvin Klein underwear and denim shorts, and it already has more than a million "likes." This figure officially puts "Kendall Jenner's Butt" ahead of billboards, television ads and sandwich boards as the industry's most successful advertising space.

• We here at FNM are always looking for great recipes to cook up in a cast-iron pan, which is how we recently ended up on the receiving end of a cast-iron cheeseburger from Brooklyn's Forrest Point restaurant and bar. Watch the video above to see how it's made, then

• Former "SNL" star Kristen Wiig appeared on Wednesday's episode of "The Tonight Show" dressed as the Khaleesi from "Game of Thrones,"  where she gave an entire interview in character — even though it's clear she's just making up answers as she goes. So if you thought it was infuriating when Fallon used to crack himself up back in his old "SNL" days, you should be doubly annoyed by this:

• In a New York Times interview posted on Wednesday, David Letterman said he would've preferred to have John Stewart replace him as host of "The Late Show" instead of Stephen Colbert, who takes the job in September. To be fair, he makes it sound like Colbert would be his second choice, but either way, Paul Shaffer is probably still hurt he wasn't even considered.

• According to sources for People magazine, Bruce Jenner is going to publicly reveal his female identify by the end of summer. So if he can do something as brave and monumental as that, you can certainly finish painting your shed by the end of August, just like you promised yourself months ago.

• In more Bruce news, Jenner's second wife Linda Thompson posted a very recent photo of herself, Bruce, and Bruce's first wife Chrystie Scott on Instagram (below) as a way to show her support for her transgendered ex. Kris Jenner was noticeably absent, but perhaps that's because she's waiting to post her own, and she just hasn't had a chance to photoshop the bejesus out of it like she did with her Gordon Ramsay photo.

• At a New York City party in honor of the new "Avengers" movie, police had to arrest a streaker who ran naked in front of the event right before the stars of the movie arrived. But if those restless cops had bothered to read the actual Marvel comics, they would have recognized this guy as the Avengers' Incredible Nudo, out to protect the city from a shortage of visible nipples.

• The trailer for Woody Allen's upcoming film "Irrational Man," starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, hit the web sometime on Wednesday (below). After watching it, tell us if you, too, are wondering if Woody has a personal bet with himself about how many distraught-man-attracts-gorgeous-young-women movies he can crank out before Hollywood finally tells him he can't.

• ABC announced Wednesday that they're cancelling their revenge-based series "Revenge" after four years on the air, with the final "Revenge" episode scheduled to broadcast on May 10. So sometime between now and then, expect the revenge-seeking star of "Revenge" to finally get some of that revenge she's always going on about.

• And finally, Netflix is planning to adapt Dr. Seuss' beloved "Green Eggs and Ham" into a 13-episode animated series. One might wonder how Netflix is going to keep our interest in such a brief story for 13 freaking episodes, but don't count them out just yet; we once watched an entire two season of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix, despite nothing really happening for 12 straight episodes!