Kendall Jenner photo sparks plastic surgery rumors, concern

Is Kendall Jenner trying to give herself a trout pout?

Last week, the 17-year-old model and reality star posted a fresh photo (self-taken, naturally) to her Instagram account, showing off suspiciously fuller lips. So has the quest for Hollywood fame turned a teen beauty to surgical enhancements?

According to celebrity psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser, if this is indeed the case it is a cause for concern.

“As a teenager your identity is developing and so if you start getting this work done now it becomes part of who you are. You grow up thinking you need to enhance, alter or change your looks in order to be attractive,” she explained. “I always say that kids learn what they live. Kendall learned that focus on appearance is critical so it makes sense that she would already be trying to enhance or alter what she looks like.”

But Barry Weintraub, MD, a leading NYC-based plastic surgeon said it’s not uncommon for teens Kendall’s age to opt for cosmetic enhancements.

“Some teens, even at 18-year-old maturity are born with very [thin] lips… Then [it is] totally appropriately to conservatively augment the upper and/or lower lips with small amounts of Restylane, which is what it looks like she had,” Weintraub said.

However, other experts speculate that the young star may not have turned to the professionals to plump that pout at all.

“Kendall has always had naturally aesthetically beautiful lips. They are ideal and we often have many young women come in requesting her lips. It doesn’t appear that anything invasive has been done,” said Dr. Raffi Hovespian, a Triple Board Certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. “This look can be attributed to pouting, lip gloss and lip plumper, which are more appropriate ‘enhancements’ for her age.”

The famous family has, since their foray onto the small screen several years ago, been the subject of many surgical enhancement rumors, but given Kendall’s status as a minor and her 6.3 million Twitter followers, it may not be the best idea for her to turn to plastic surgery at such a young age.

“Kendall is a role model for a lot of young girls, they look up to her and they want to be like her,” Kaiser added. “This may drive a lot of young girls to ask their parents to get the same thing done.”

A rep for Jenner did not respond to a request for comment.