Kendall and Kylie's Swimwear Sandwich, the Clover Club's Summery Cocktail Recipe, and More

Here's what's going on out there:

• On Sunday, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and friend Lauren Perez posted poolside pictures of themselves all wearing the same striped swimsuit (see below). Perez (middle) even commented on Instagram that this Jenner-sandwich is her "favorite kind of sandwich," which makes sense, seeing as metaphorical sandwiches look to be the only kinds of sandwiches these girls have ever known. Wait 'til they try a Cubano!

• Speaking of pool parties, there's only one thing that could make the Jenners' even more exciting — no, not more than three people (although that would help). We're talking about cocktails! Watch the video above to learn how to prepare the Clover Club, the most fitting summertime beverage for pool parties of any size. ( for a printable version.)

• On Sunday, Taylor Swift took to Tumblr to lament the fact that artists don't get paid royalties during Apple Music's three-month trial period, and by Sunday night, Apple announced on Twitter that they would be changing that policy. It just goes to prove that one voice can make a difference, so long as that voice is coming out of Taylor Swift's money-printing, gold-plated throat.

• Paramount released the first trailer for their new comedy "Daddy's Home" (below), which stars Will Ferrell as an awkward stepfather who suddenly finds himself competing for his kids' affections when their cool biological dad (Mark Wahlberg) steps back into the picture. You might recognize this as the premise of about a million movies you've seen at one time or another, but can't quite name at the moment. Enjoy:

• According to sources for the New York Daily News, Miley Cyrus is in a relationship with Stella Maxwell, one of Victoria's Secret's 10 newest Angels. The two reportedly met through a mutual friend, and (presumably) bonded over their shared love of wearing winged pastel costumes, as evidenced here and here.

• Disney/Pixar's new film "Inside Out" didn't open at the top of the box office this past weekend (a first for a Pixar film), but it did break the record set by "Avatar" for the biggest opening weekend for an original property (e.g.: not a sequel, not a film based on a book or comic, etc.). In doing so, the film also revealed a crucial link between box-office success and original properties: You need mopey blue humanoids to make them work.

• Jake Lloyd, the young actor who played Anakin Skywalker in the "Star Wars" prequels, was arrested in Charleston, South Carolina, after leading cops on a high-speed chase for miles. He eventually lost control of the vehicle and ran off the road, proving that he failed to learn anything from that dumb pod race on Tattooine.

• On Monday morning, Selena Gomez released her new single "Good For You" along with a 34-second preview of the song's accompanying music video. You can watch it below, but be warned: There isn't much to see aside from Gomez lying nearly motionless on two different horizontal surfaces and looking more lethargic than anyone we've ever seen outside of a Cymbalta ad.

• In an Instagram photo she posted on Father's Day, Kim Kardashian confirmed that she and Kanye West are expecting a baby boy — or, as Kanye will soon probably start referring to him, "The Second Coming of Yeezus."

• Hilaria Baldwin shared a belly-baring Instagram selfie (below) in order to prove that she did not undergo a C-section when delivering her newborn baby boy, as it was apparently a point of contention among her followers. She also included a healthy dose of cleavage in the shot, despite not one of her followers contending that she hasn't got large pregnancy boobs.

• Amid reports that she and new boyfriend Brad Fulchuk are on the outs, Gwyneth Paltrow posted a Father's Day photo of her ex-husband Chris Martin and their daughter Apple during a loving moment (below). We found this to be newsworthy, if only because it's odd to see a divorced couple that isn't actively trying to claw each other's eyes out.

• And finally, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's made-for-television film "A Deadly Adoption" debuted on Lifetime over the weekend, and it turns out they played the whole thing pretty much straight. So it wasn't really a spoof as much as it was an inside joke that only Ferrell, Wiig, and their die-hard fans "got." Your Great-Aunt Cathy, on the other hand, did not get the joke, but she was enthralled nonetheless.