Making Maxim's annual “Hot 100” list might be a huge milestone for some celebrities. But Kellie Pickler, who was ranked number 96 by the magazine, said the list is hardly a true measure of attractiveness.

“I have met some beautiful people on the exterior but as soon as they open their mouths it’s like ‘eew.’ People ask, ‘what’s beauty?’ I think it is when you have a good attitude and I think that really shines through,” the country crooner told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column at the men’s magazine’s swanky “Hot 100” celebratory bash.

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And apparently, the “American Idol” star turned “Dancing with the Stars” finalist was the last to know she made the list.

“I couldn’t believe that I had even made it. I didn’t know until the other day and someone tweeted it to me, that’s how much I know,” Pickler said, adding that she doesn’t really check her email. “I’m electronically ignorant. It’s amazing I even know how to tweet.”

And although the coveted list, which positioned Miley Cyrus in the top spot this year, is all about “beautiful women” – reality star Kendra Wilkinson insisted you really have to be awesome inside to make number one.

“Just being okay with yourself, not caring what anyone else in the world has to say about it. It is how you look at yourself in the mirror,” she said. “That’s how I have lived my life and it has gotten me to the best place that I never could have wished. My husband, my son.”

So what has helped the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner come into her own?

“Not giving a f**k. Not caring what one person says,” Wilkinson added. “I don’t live my life for anybody, I don’t care. I live my life just based on how I feel, what I need. Cravings, energy. It is what I need – nothing more, nothing less.”

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report

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