Katy Perry gets stuck suspended above her crowd during a concert

Katy Perry had a small malfunction during her concert in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday when she got stuck suspended in the air in front of a massive crowd.

The star can be seen in the video below addressing her crowd from her seat atop a planet that was, presumably, supposed to lower her onto the stage for her next song. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the star got stuck in the air with the crowd gawking at her. Known for her elaborate performances, the future “American Idol” judge had to vamp a bit noting that this was the first time she’d experienced this in her long career.

“This is the first time I’ve been stuck in space,” the 32-year-old singer joked. “You’d better pick your phone up because this is a Youtube-able moment!”

Eventually, the star received word through an earpiece that the crew would be lowering her straight down. While she seemed thrilled at first, she quickly realized that it would be impossible for her to be lowered all the way to the ground without squashing a handful of her adoring fans.

“You know what, I guess I’m just going to have to get down and walk amongst my people. I love this so much,” she said, tentatively standing up. “Should I just like… jump?”

With a roar of approval from the crowd, the video ends with Perry leaping from her platform and safely getting set back down by fans and employees of the venue.

A fan managed to capture the whole event in the video below.