Kate Hudson under fire for partnering with Weight Watchers

Not everyone is happy with Kate Hudson‘s new role as Weight Watchers’ ambassador.

The actress, 39, who announced she’s ready to shed her baby weight with the help of the long-running weight loss program, was met with criticism from followers who weren’t pleased to see her as the face of the famed point system.

“Love Kate Hudson but very hard to be inspired by celebrities who have so much help and resources at their disposal,” one commenter wrote on Hudson’s Instagram announcement.

Some even saw the partnership as tone-deaf, despite the actress raving about body diversity in her social media announcement.

“@ww is a wildly unethical company that profits off of people’s failure and hatred of their own bodies,” a follower wrote. “Your participation in this is short-sighted at best and dangerous at worst.”

“This move seems remarkably out of step with what you promoted in your book ‘Pretty Happy,'” wrote another. “Disappointed that you’ve hitched your wagon to something that epitomizes the very worst about diet culture.”

Even with the company’s new tagline, “Wellness that Works,” that came along with their rebrand, others online merely thought Hudson was not a good fit for the company as she’s been known to show off her fit figure.

“honestly do not understand this,” a commenter said. “People who have truly truly struggled with weight loss need to be in this type of position.”

And while a flood of social media users welcomed the actress with open arms into the program, others saw the partnership as a new way to promote her fitness apparel line, Fabletics.

“don’t you have an athletic clothing line,” one commenter said. “from what i can see you do most of the advertising for it. nice Publicity stunt. oh i will lose all the weight than [sic] use all the coverage to help sell the brand. trying to be just like all of the regular people huh. yeah i don’t buy it.”

But one fan did find a silver lining, hoping for deals.

“this mean VIP fabletics fam & WW fam get more discounts?” they mused.

Weight Watchers did not immediately return a request for comment.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.