Kara Del Toro's Warm Thoughts, Brangelina's Underwhelming Weekend, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

• GUESS model and Carl's Jr. burger spokeswoman Kara Del Toro shared a bodacious bikini photo from bed on Sunday, writing in the caption that she was "thinking warm thoughts" for NYC (above). So if you're living in New York and you appreciating the fact that it's a few degrees warmer than it was on Sunday, you know who to thank.

• In related pretty-people news, GUESS model Alexandria Morgan recently stopped by FNM's studios to tell us what she'd be doing with her time if she wasn't a gorgeous GUESS Girl. Watch the video below to find out, then  for a look at some of Morgan's steamiest modeling shots, just in case Kara's "warm thoughts" (above) aren't keeping you cozy enough.

• Billboard magazine has determined Adele's 2011 album "21" to be the greatest Billboard 200 album of all time based on factors including its number of weeks at the top, its number of weeks on the chart, and, we're guessing, the number of weeks "Someone Like You" was stuck in our collective freakin' heads.

• Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, the hilarious (and sometimes reluctant) reality star who appeared on the MTV series "Jackass" and "Viva la Bam," passed away on Sunday of liver and kidney failure. At only 59, his time on this earth was far too short, but at least he got to see the Leaning Tower of Pizza before he died:

• Despite starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (whom we've been led to believe are huge movie stars), their new film "By the Sea" only managed to pull in $95,440 in ticket sales on its opening weekend. So perhaps it's finally time for Brad and Angie to step aside and make way for a new king and queen of Hollywood. (You hear that, Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen?!)

• New Zealand recording artist Lorde was apparently called out for lip-synching during her "SNL" performance of the song "Magnets" (featuring U.K. electronic band Disclosure), but she has since taken to Twitter to dispel those rumors. We tend to believe her, although we're not so sure about those Disclosure guys behind her. I mean, how do we really know they're playing those fanciful synthesizers, huh?

• And finally, because she's (maybe) running out of ways to shock and appall us, Miley Cyrus went full-frontal for something called Candy Magazine, baring her entire nude body in a series of nine special-edition magazine covers. And by "special-edition," we mean "increasingly pornographic in a bid for attention," so check out the tamest one below, or click here to see the rest at your own risk.