Justin Guarini says he skips meals sometimes to feed his family: Star who's fallen the furthest?

Justin Guarini, who won second place in the very first season of "American Idol" back in 2002, recently revealed in a blog post that he sometimes skips meals in order to make sure his family has enough to eat.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Stars who've fallen the furthest

And though he recently took to Twitter to clarify that he's "nowhere near poverty," it's still pretty intense to think that the guy who was one spot away from Kelly Clarkson status is sometimes struggling to feed his family.

But he's certainly not the only star who's going through rough times. Amanda Bynes has gone from cute "Nickelodeon" star to a carbon copy of Lindsay Lohan circa 2007. "Sherminator" from "American Pie" is waiting tables at a sushi restaurant. And Courtney Love… well, Courtney Love's always sort of been a mess.

From Justin Guarini to Amanda Bynes to Courtney Love, which star do you think has fallen the furthest?

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