Justin Bieber reportedly goes to a Brazilian brothel and leaves in a bed sheet

What happens in Rio stays in Rio.

But in Justin Bieber’s case, that doesn’t quite apply.

The Biebs was apparently spotted making a mad dash out of an infamous brothel in Rio de Janeiro with two ladies by his side. And paparazzi caught him in the act.

The Page Six pics don’t exactly show the 19-year-old’s face as he’s making his way out of Brazil’s Centauros cathouse, and although the bordello’s very own bed sheet covering his face was a nice try, it didn’t exactly make Bieber incognito. He was outed by his wrist tattoo and sneakers. (The surrounding bodyguards spraying photogs with water didn’t help his undercover operation, either.)

He hopped in the back seat of a waiting SUV, and he was escorted back to his hotel along with some female guests.

The paps were reportedly tipped off about Bieber’s brothel visit and confirmed it through the Canadian crooner’s security team.

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