Ladies! Colombian rocker and heartthrob Juanes has just released his new music video showcasing his sensitive side.

In the song titled “Y no regresas,” Juanes tells the world about a relationship that he can’t get over, a person he can’t stop loving, but whom he has hurt and has left him.

In the song he admits “te herí yo lo sé, perdona, te herí, yo lo sé, Mis ojos se ven cansados de llorar.” (I hurt you I know, my eyes are tired of crying.)

With lyrics like these any woman would give Juanes a second chance.

Juanes, who started his career playing in a heavy metal band called “Ekhymosis” has earned various Grammys for his work has performed with international sensations such as Alejandro Sanz, Ricky Martin and Nelly Furtado.

For all you fans who would do anything to be the first to snatch up Juanes’ new album, be at peace knowing that on Tuesday, the singer and song writer twittered his new album’s name. “P.A.R.C.E” will be released this upcoming December.

Besides “Ya no Regresas,” the Barranquillero Juanes also released the single “Yerbatero” from the upcoming album, which was taped in his home town of Medellín, Colombia. It was co-produced by Stephen Lipson, who has also worked with U2.