Johnny Depp's extravagant spending detailed in court documents

The ongoing legal battle between actor Johnny Depp and his former business managers just got a little more interesting. New court documents allege that the actor’s extravagant spending habits are to blame for his current financial situation more so than any wrongdoing from The Mandel Company, that previously handled his money.

As previously reported, Depp is claiming that Joel Mandel and his group caused him to go into debt, while Mandel has stated in court that the actor was spending roughly $2 million a month. Now, new court documents are detailing exactly what some of those expenses were.

The documents, published by The Hollywood Reporter, reveal some interesting purchases from Depp including $500,000 in rental fees for storage warehouses that hold his Hollywood collectibles, $17,000 in handbags and luggage from Prada and a whopping $7,000 on a “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” couch for his young daughter.

Additionally, Depp reportedly allowed the employees on his private island in the Bahamas to charge $123,000-worth of expenses for his $1 million wedding to Amber Heard, which only about a dozen people reportedly showed up for. A $9,500 price tag was revealed for “safari” thatch hut material for the island as well. Even $7,000 in suits from Tom Ford was allegedly charged to his CNB Visa card, which The Mandel Company says it warned the 54-year-old actor would inevitably bankrupt him.

The new expenses were reportedly revealed after the management group’s second amended cross-complaint following Depp’s decision to sue The Mandel Group for $25 million in January.