Jimmy Webb left ex-teenage wife out of memoir, says report

Jimmy Webb may have done some careful editing in his memoir “The Cake and the Rain,” which was published earlier this year.

The New York Post reported that the 70-year-old songwriter completely left out his first wife, Patsy Sullivan Webb, from his book. The model, who is the daughter of actor Barry Sullivan, is also the mother of Jimmy’s six children.


Patsy told the publication that she first met Jimmy at a 1968 cover shoot for Teen Magazine.

“Which is funny because neither one of us were teens,” she recalled. “I was 12 and he was 22."

Patsy also said that when the couple began their affair a year later, “my mother had [attorney] Roy Cohn calling me every day to press charges against Jimmy for statutory rape.”

She revealed that their son Christiaan was 17 months old when the duo got married in 1974. Patsy was 16 when she gave birth.

The publication stated that in addition to Patsy, Christiaan also isn’t mentioned in the book. Instead, Jimmy’s memoir focuses on his drug use and promiscuity during the years he was writing songs for Glen Campbell, Donna Summer and Linda Ronstadt.

Patsy and Jimmy were married for 22 years and together for 27.

“He could have glossed over my age if he didn’t want people to know,” said Patsy. “It’s shocking. If you are going to be honest in a memoir, how do you leave out your wife and kids?”