Jessie James Decker gets slammed on Instagram over her daughter's tan

Country crooner James Decker is facing some major heat on social media after she posted a photo of her 4-year-old daughter with a deep suntan.

“Tan bunny,” the 30-year-old captioned the image of Vivianne Rose on Instagram Sunday. Decker hinted on her page she was at a beach getaway with her family.

Decker shares three children under the age of five with her husband, Tennessee Titans' wide receiver Eric Decker. It didn’t take long for the singer and reality TV star’s parenting skills to be called into question by followers.

“Cute but don’t forget sunblock!” wrote one user. “Very important.”

“Children shouldn’t be tanning,” added another. “Skin cancer is never a good look.”

“I have Italian skin that tanned and ended up with melanoma at 40,” cautioned one viewer.

However, Decker’s fans quickly defended the Italian-born performer against so-called “mommy shamers.” Many even shared their personal experiences from their childhoods having fun under the sun.

“I always got slathered with spf and yet I would get quite tan as a kid in the summer,” explained one user. “You can still develop color even if you’re protected/wearing sunscreen. It’s not like @jessiejamesdecker made her kid lay out on a lawn chair with tanning oils on her to get tan.”

“For those bashing her, back off,” wrote another. “When I did boot camp the DI had us [put] on SPF 50 every time we spent any extended time outside still ended up with tan lines. Even now with sun block my skin will still turn tan brown.”

“We use SPF 11,” insisted one parent. “Not kidding. They still tan. And yes I reapply every 2 hours.”

Back in 2017, Decker admitted raising young children in the spotlight isn’t always easy. Still, she and her husband are determined to make it work.

“I don’t think anyone really has the perfect life,” she told In Touch Weekly. “Everyone has stuff going on. We are very blessed and grateful. But we deal with normal stuff, just like everyone else.”

But it’s certain Decker doesn’t mind closing up shop.

“Oh, we don’t want any more than three,” she said laughing. “It feels like a good number for us.”

But despite being a busy parent, Decker insisted she and Eric continue to keep the romance alive.

“We’ll go out to a restaurant and sit at the bar and flirt and talk,” explained Decker. “But we also love eating cereal in bed watching ‘Naked and Afraid.’”