Jessica Simpson's Cliffside Ad Campaign, Kenny G's Tips For Valentine's Day, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the hubbub's about:

Jessica Simpson shared a promotional photo for her new clothing line on Instagram this past Tuesday, and in it, Simpson herself models her collection on the side of a cliff in Arizona (below). So if this is how the Jessica Simpson Collection now advertises itself, REI and Dick's Sporting Goods really need to step up their game.

World-renowned musician Kenny G is more than just an unstoppable sax-machine — he's also a hopeless romantic. Watch the video above to hear Kenny's tips for making memorable Valentine's Day plans, including his suggestions on music and fine dining.

On Tuesday, Jon Stewart announced that he will be leaving "The Daily Show" sometime later this year (below). He hasn't yet confirmed if he'll do another show for the channel, or if he simply plans to host a few failed panel shows before disappearing entirely, like original "Daily Show" host Craig Kilborn.

Wedding Crashers" actor Vince Vaughn has been named the Grand Marshal of this year's Daytona 500. During the course of his duties, Vaughn is expected to partake in pre-race ceremonies, speak the phrase "Gentlemen, start your engines," and also look generally lost without Owen Wilson by his side.

John Travolta has been added to the growing list of presenters at next week's Academy Awards ceremony. Some are seeing this as Travolta's chance to redeem himself after mispronouncing Best Original Song performer Idina Menzel's name as "Adele Dazeem" at last year's ceremony (below), but we're not as optimistic, especially when one of the Best Song nominees is named "Danielle Brisebois."

In addition to discussing her sex tape and naming her favorite sexual position, Kim Kardashian revealed to LOVE magazine that she frequently pees "all over" her Spanx — but not because she's sloppy, of course. Rather, it's because they "aren't crotchless enough." See? She's classy like that.

Clint Eastwood's son Scott has been named the new face of Davidoff Cool Water's new perfume campaign. But seeing as the preview he uploaded to Instagram sees him emerging shirtless from the ocean, we're guessing Eastwood has is contractually obliged to be the new face, pecs, and also nipples of DAVIDOFF's new campaign.

Lindsay Lohan shared an Instagram selfie from Dubai on Tuesday, wearing only what appears to be a yellow bikini and a smile (below). And OK, yes, we suppose she's wearing sunglasses and a necklace too, but you get what we meant.

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Bobbi Kristina Brown will not be taken off life support on the anniversary of her mother Whitney Houston's death. That was reportedly just a baseless rumor, perhaps started by some of the worst people in the world.

The latest issue of People magazine will feature a photo of Christina Aguilera and her newborn daughter Summer Rain on its cover (below), and holy cow, that is one cute baby. She's like a real-life incarnation of the Pillsbury Doughboy, but with much bluer eyes and without the ridiculous neckerchief.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Cronut™ creator Dominique Ansel is now offering his customers the chance to purchase an official Cronut™ necklace featuring a brass-plated flake from a Cronut™ in a vial (below). After all, nothing says love like a shard of inedible pastry.

And finally, a love letter penned by Johnny Cash has been voted the most romantic of all time, according to a new U.K. poll. In it, he tells wife June Carter Cash that she's "the greatest woman" he's ever met, and not once does he use the phrase "roses are red" or "violets are blue." Take a lesson, fellas.