Jennifer Lopez's Awards Show Tumble Gets Edited Out

Jennifer Lopez's "comeback" performance at Sunday's American Music Awards was among the night's most anticipated. And while Lopez looked great, things didn't go quite as well as she probably hoped.

JLo performed her newest song from “Love?” titled “Louboutins.” Midway through her performance Lopez attempted a dramatic move, jumping off the back of one of her dancers, but it ended in disaster she fell flat on her backside.

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The 40-year-old was quick to bounce back onto her feet and resume a solo dance sequence as the audience let out a very loud gasp and a little laughter. If it was any consolation, a few fans in the audience did rise to their feet and give Lopez a standing ovation seeing as though she got back up and on with the show so abruptly.

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But backstage afterwards, JLo was not pleased. "She walked off the stage absolutely fuming," said our insider. "She was so upset, and ready to kill. Jennifer was a perfectionist about that performance and practiced hard."

Pretty soon after her showdown, "Jennifer Lopez Falls" suddenly became one of the most searched terms on Google, You Tube and soared to being the most talked about item on Twitter.

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Lopez was so livid that Dick Clark Productions (who put together the show) edited out the fall from the West Coast airing of the show, which wasn't live. Instead of showing the tumble, they showed JLo jumping mid-air in slow motion before quickly cutting to her in a solo sequence.

To add insult to injury, the buzz backstage was that JLo wasn't actually "singing" but committing the musical sin of lip-syncing. At the beginning of her performance, the "ready-to-rumble" (or more like tumble) guy Michael Buffer gave his famous intro live then handed the hot mic to Lopez.

However it looked as though she wasn't ready for a live mic and it was an awkward few moments as she had no choice but to sing live and seemed anxious to get to her "performance" mic. Pretty soon however that live mic was swapped out.

But back to that not-so-elegant slip, Lopez shouldn't feel so bad. Several of her sisters in the music world have suffered a similar fate Beyonce tumbled down 12 steps during a concert in Orlando in 2007 and just a couple of weeks ago Mariah Carey took quite the trip while making an appearance on the Jay Leno show.