Jennifer Lopez returns to childhood home in the Bronx for television special

Jenny returns to the block for TNT's "Neighborhood Sessions With Jennifer Lopez," airing after the NBA All-Star Saturday Night.

In the special, the performer revisits some of the places in the Bronx borough of New York where she grew up, including her childhood home. It also shows her first Bronx concert at Orchard Beach which took place last June.

In a recent interview, Lopez said it's important to her to show people where she came from.

"To this day my taste, my preferences, my outlook, my attitude, everything about me is so influenced by the fact I grew up in the Bronx."

She even attributes her style today to her hometown. "I still love big jewelry," she laughed.

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Before the Orchard Beach concert, Lopez had never performed in the Bronx because "there is no real venue" and said that her only regret about the show was the limited space because she wanted to accommodate everyone who wanted to be there.

"When we were rehearsing I remember I looked back at the beach and my mom has pictures of me on that beach when I was like 1 year old.... It was so rich and full of memories for me."

She said it's important for her to show, "Yeah, I've gone out into the world and I've done all these things but it's because of the stability and the footing that I got from my family and the Bronx that made me be able to go out and handle all this craziness."

Cameras followed Lopez as she took her 6-year-old twins, Max and Emme, to the boys and girls club where she spent time as a child.

"It was surreal to take them back there and show them like, 'When I was a little kid this is where I used to run around, and this was like the best place in the world to me,' and them looking around like, 'Really? This place?' But it was true."

"Neighborhood Sessions" is a new series of music specials in which performers highlight the communities where they come from.

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