It’s no secret that Jennifer López takes the American Idol auditions to heart, occasionally tearing up over a contestant’s story of personal struggles, or over a moving performance.

Now, the word on www.perezhilton.com is that López had her first fight with her fellow Idol judges, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, during the filming of auditions for the new season.

According to the website, the three judges got into a heated discussion over a girl López thought should have been passed on to a second round of auditions.

Jackson and Tyler, apparently, were not as wowed by the contestant as López.

"Me and Randy and Steve got into our first fight,” López is quoted by the website as saying. “I got really, really upset."

“She was amazing,” López said. “I was surprised because I was ready to vote. I thought I was being Punk'd. How can we let this girl go?' I was upset. When I believe in something … I knew this girl deserves the chance.”

“The kids, we're being really tough on them. Sometimes the days get kinda long."

This summer, Fox announced López would return as a judge in January for the show's 11th season.

Lopez reportedly is getting $20 million, a sizable hike from her previous $12 million deal.

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