Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt shut down interview after sex question

An Australian interviewer learned the hard way this morning that if you get two Hollywood movie stars on the line to talk about their latest film, they’re probably not going to be too pleased with intimate questions about their sex lives.

Sophie Monk and her KIIS FM co-host Matty Acton were talking to "Passengers" co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on this morning’s show when Monk’s personal line of questioning appeared to get the interview abruptly terminated.

Pratt and Lawrence have so far shown themselves to be game for all sorts of unorthodox interviews on the publicity trail for the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster — even trading personal insults in a segment for BBC Radio last week.

But it seems Monk crossed the line after earlier questions including whether the pair had ever gotten in a fight.

“What’s the most adventurous place you have had sex?” she asked the actors, before they apparently walked away from the phone and a publicist took over.

“Thanks guys,” the publicist told the shocked radio pair after a few moments of radio silence.

“We have already wrapped you, sorry.”

Acton asked if the A-list pair could get back on the phone to finish the interview, with the publicist responding: “They are already gone.”

Back in the studio, Monk and Acton couldn’t help but laugh at the abrupt ending to the chat.

“We were naughty,” Monk laughed.

“You were like ‘sex and punching’ — what happened to you in that?” Acton asked his co-host.

“I just wanted the good stuff! Who wants to know boring things? Anyways, see ya Chris! See ya Jen! See you guys,” Monk joked.

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