Jennifer Garner explains why she took on revenge-seeking action role for 'Peppermint'

Jennifer Garner is a woman seeking revenge and justice.

At least she is in the upcoming thriller, “Peppermint.”

The 46-year-old actress is making a return to the action genre by starring as Riley North in director Pierre Morel’s revenge thriller. She plays a mother who wakes up from a coma after her husband and daughter are brutally killed during a savage attack. Riley North becomes an underground vigilante when corrupt officials fail to bring her family’s attackers, cartel members, to justice.

“This movie has that same kind of great mix of drama and action because to me, to do an action movie for the sake of doing action is kind of cheap,” Garner said. “You want the drama and the stakes to be high enough, that the action is a payoff.”

The actress spoke during an appearance at CinemaCon, a large movie industry convention in Las Vegas this week, to showcase the film, which debuts this fall.

Garner, a mother of three, was also showing off her chiseled arms and muscular physique. She said she had to get into peak physical shape for the role.

She also spoke about her real life role – as a mother. She said she rarely gets to see adult flicks because she loves taking her children to the cinema.

“Now, when I like to go [to the movies],” she said, “I like to have a kid on my lap. You know, because I go to a lot of kids’ movies.”

Garner is also returning to television. She will soon be starring in HBO’s “Camping” created by Lena Dunham. Garner will play wife to “Doctor Who’s” David Tennant as they maneuver their way through a camping trip from hell.