Jen Aniston: Diane Sawyer 'Awesome' Choice for Sperm Donation Cameo in 'The Switch'

Diane Sawyer did not have a line in Jennifer Aniston’s new comedy “The Switch.”

She did not visit the set a single time.

Yet the ABC newswoman’s presence still served a critical purpose.

The movie's star, Jason Bateman, uses her New York magazine cover in his efforts assisting Aniston’s character to become pregnant with a sperm donation.

And according to Aniston, the 64-year-old blonde was the perfect choice for the integral donation scene.

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“She (Sawyer) is just awesome. First of all, she's the object of people's sexual desire,” Aniston gushed to us. “I think that's pretty awesome, don't you think? And she still is – how do you not idolize that woman?”

Apparently producers were only alerted to the fact last minute that they needed Sawyer’s permission for her picture to be used in such a way, and Aniston proudly boasted that she got to pop the big question to Sawyer.

“I got to make the call. She is so awesome,” Aniston said.

The 41-year-old actress, who plays a single woman trying to start a family alone, has recently come under fire for  blasting traditional families and promoting the fact that in our modern day and age, a woman no longer needs a sexual partner in order to have and raise children of her own. Nonetheless, she fully accepts that such a concept is still viewed by many as too odious for public discussion.

“I found the script so refreshing having gone through so much of this stuff with women in my life – with friends, whether it was dealing with frustrations with fertility, or adoption, to adopt or don't, or surrogate,” Aniston continued. “The good news is that there are so many options for women. It's sort of a taboo subject, but to see it woven into this awesome modern love story, I was like ‘this is a story I haven't heard before.’”

Aniston also recently reaffirmed her desire to have a family, and with her own biological clock ticking, it’s no surprise she wouldn’t mind time standing still for at least a little while.

“I'd like a pause button, personally. Just pause – just for a second,” Aniston said. “I'm ready to take a break; it is time soon to take a break. After the next (film)… after the next one, I will take a break.”