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Diane Sawyer

White House Defends Intel Chief’s Terror Gaffe

Nation's intelligence director unaware of suspected terror plot arrests in London

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  1. Clapper Gaffe: Embarrassment or a Cause for Concern?

    Communication problems in intelligence community?

  2. Gingrich's Take on Change of Power in House

    Former speaker weighs in on what's next for Pelosi, offers advice to Boehner and Obama

  3. Time for Intel Chief to Go?

    Sen. Graham calls on James Clapper to resign after 'third strike'

  4. PR Expert on Pelosi's Next Move

    Best course of action for House speaker

  5. Protecting Our Nation During the Holidays

    Mike Baker and Bill Daly break down the biggest national security stories of the week

  6. What's Next for Pelosi?

    House speaker mulling her next move after GOP's big sweep

  7. Hackers Crack Celebrities, Politicians' iPads

    Hole in AT&T software leads to hacking of thousands of e-mails

  8. Did Media Pass or Fail on Japan Disaster Coverage?

    Panel weighs in on coverage of crisis in Japan

  9. Miller Time: 8/19

    Dennis Miller on Barney Frank's town hall shoot-out

  10. State of the Union Reaction

    The press' reaction to Obama's State of the Union

  11. Rove's Review

    Karl Rove sounds off on his George W. Bush breaking his silence, Obama vs. FOX, ABC News and health care

  12. Fuzzy Math on Job Creation?

    Andy Card on Obama administration's shifting story on economic recovery

  1. Stand Up to Cancer

    Hollywood gathers raise funds for cancer research

  2. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Making Progress

    Stricken congresswoman's condition upgraded to 'serious'

  3. Bias Bash: NPR's Left-Leaning Coverage?

    Should radio station be defunded by Congress?

  4. What Impact Did Media Have on 2010 Elections?

    Panel weighs in on midterm results, election coverage

  5. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy discusses deadly rampage in Arizona with panel

  6. Tucson Memorial Increasing Daily

    Well-wishers leaving gifts, cards, special thoughts

  7. Dennis Kucinich in No Spin Zone

    Democratic congressman on political shift in Washington after midterm elections

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