Irina Shayk's See-Through Oscar Gown, Simone De La Rue's Cardio Throwdown, and Much, Much More

Here's today's (Oscar-heavy) gossip:

Following the 87th Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk arrived for the Vanity Fair after-party wearing a revealing half-sheer gown (below). Or at least is it was revealing until we remembered that this is a woman who we regularly see

Simone De La Rue is one of the foremost experts in fitness, having helped shape celebrity bodies like Sandra Bullock's and Anne Hathaway's, so of course we asked her for some exercise advice. Check out the video above to learn four of her favorite moves for burning fat and keeping trim.

In other Oscar news, the night's big winners included Eddie Redmayne of "The Theory of Everything" and Julianne Moore of "Still Alice." The film "Birdman," however, took home the award for Best Picture, vastly increasing the chances that Hollywood will purchase in our spec script for "Birdman 2: Bird is the Word."

While announcing the nominees for Best Original Song, John Travolta and Idina Menzel poked fun at his "Adele Dazeem" incident from last year's ceremony. But afterward, Travola lovingly stroked Menzel's chin for an uncomfortable amount of time (below), causing yet another mini controversy. (Please invite him back to present every year, Academy.)

Despite providing years of fashion commentary on the Oscars red carpet, the late Joan Rivers was puzzlingly left out of the ceremony's annual "In Memoriam" segment during Sunday night's telecast. Perhaps this is just the Academy's way of getting back at her for making a snide crack about nearly every person they invite to their event since the beginning of forever.

Speaking of snide cracks, British singer Rita Ora, who performed on behalf of one of Best Original Song nominees, arrived for the Vanity Fair after-party wearing a largely see-through Donna Karan Atelier gown (below). Oh wait, did we say "snide cracks" at the top of that last sentence? We meant "side crack." Our apologies.

According to sources for Woman's Day, actress Emma Watson (of the "Harry Potter" franchise) and Prince Harry (of the royal freaking family) have been secretly dating. It's just an unsubstantiated rumor at this point, but if it actually turns out to be true, our sincerest condolences go out to you, Ron Weasley.

On Friday, the Television Academy announced new guidelines for Emmy nominations, such as splitting the Best Variety Series category into two individual sketch and talk sections with their own individual nominees, because God forbid we overlook "Last Call With Carson Daly" for another consecutive year in a row.

After earning a whopping $85 million at the box office over Presidents' Day weekend, "Fifty Shades of Grey" suffered a severe drop in earnings, taking in a mere $23 million on its second weekend. Experts attribute this to a shorter weekend time-frame, but we attribute this to "Fifty Shades" just generally being a very poor film.

Lingerie model Karlie Kloss is reportedly stepping down from her position as a Victoria's Secret Angel to focus on "new business opportunities" and her upcoming studies at NYU. And it's a smart career choice, really. In fact, it ranks just above Michael Jordan's 1993 decision to retire from the NBA to pursue a career in minor league baseball.

Lena Dunham, the star and co-creator of  HBO's successful and oft-controversial show "Girls," will be making a guest appearance in a March episode of ABC's decidedly less scandalous drama "Scandal." Details of her role are not yet known, but we'd bet that whoever the character is, she will have strong inclinations toward gratuitous nudity.

And finally: Rick Salomon, the man whom Pamela Anderson is seeking to divorce for a third time, has filed legal documents of his own claiming that Pam somehow tricked him into marrying her. But as far as grounds for divorce go, "getting tricked into marrying Pamela Anderson" doesn't really sound like it's going to hold up in court.