Paris Jackson is definitely all grown up.

The 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson recently posed in her first photo shoot with boyfriend Michael Snoddy, and ET has the exclusive pics!

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The young couple was shot by Troy Jensen, and according to the photographer, Jackson and Snoddy couldn't keep their hands off each other.

"I set them in the shot, and she's wearing this red dress with this leather jacket. She had this black lip, and they would just start making out like crazy," Jensen revealed. "So after like five or six shots, he would have black lip[stick] all over his face, all over his ears."

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"We had to keep breaking to clean them up and re-touch up the makeup and wipe all the black lipstick off Snoddy's face," he said of the 26-year-old drummer. "They were kissing, biting, pulling, hugging. I mean, I was just snapping the picture."

"She would hold his face and bite his lips and kiss him," he added of the couple, who recently shot down engagement rumors. "She wasn't worried about what anyone thought on set, or how it looked."

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"I said,'This shot would be great if you're just wearing your boots and no clothes,' and he like, sat next to her and he's like, 'No problem,'" Jensen revealed of how he captured the snap of Snoddy in the buff. "They are such free spirits."

"I wasn't trying to make her look grown up or sexy or whatever. She's the one that would pose and move. There's something about her, she's kind of edgy but a little sort of angelic," he said.

"I think if I said, 'Take your clothes off,' they would've done it," Jensen dished, "but I thought it was more interesting to have them clothed and wet. I took the shower head and doused them both with water. You know, I just meet this girl and she's letting me shower her fully clothed in a bathtub. It was pretty awesome."

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While the photo shoot definitely showed Jackson's passionate side with her boyfriend, it also captured her love for her late father.

"She brought a vintage Michael Jackson tour t-shirt. It was her idea to wear it," Jensen shared of the blue tee Jackson wears in another shot. "I remember her telling me that she didn't want to cut it, she didn't want to damage it. It was a vintage piece and it meant a lot to her, so we kind of just tucked it and pinned it and fit it to her."

"I put my hat on her and we put some gloves on her and I remember shooting it thinking, 'It looks like we're trying to turn her into 'Smooth Criminal.'"

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While Jensen has fond memories of the shoot -- "I call it the kissing shoot because it was just like every minute of the day," he joked -- it's Jackson's future that he's really looking forward to.

"I am excited and anxious to see what she does next, you know?" he said, adding that he could see her pursuing either acting or music. "I think she has an amazing quality -- she is sweet but there is something a little sort of mischievous about her, and that makes her very intriguing and very interesting to watch."

"She just kind of wants to put herself out there in the world," he concluded. "And whether she chooses music like her family, or acting or modeling, whatever it is that she decides, I feel like she's going to be a huge, huge star."