In the FOXlight With Michael Tammero: 'Bullet to the Head' Actor Jon Seda

From the movies “Selena” and “Bad Boys II” as well as HBO’s miniseries “Pacific,” actor Jon Seda stepped into the FOXlight to dish on his new role as Nelson Hidalgo on HBO’s “Treme.”  Hidalgo is a politically connected developer and venture capitalist from Dallas who becomes involved in the renewal efforts in post-Katrina in New Orleans.

Seda described the character, saying, “He’s a fun guy. He’s a guy you want as a friend. He enjoys the music. He really falls in love with New Orleans, but he’s there to make a buck.”

In discussing the development in New Orleans since Katrina, he explained, “You see a lot of change … but you still see the struggle.” He went on to add that it’s “incredible” how slow the process is.

In 2013, Seda is also starring in a new movie called “Bullet to the Head,” where he plays a hitman alongside actor Sylvester Stallone.

Seda told Mike Tammero how much of a fan he is of Stallone’s work, and said that when he was on set with the legendary actor, he had to suppress the fact that he was in awe of him.

"Bullet to the Head" opens February 1.

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