In the FOXlight: How 'Deadpool' Is Shaking Up the Superhero Genre

Big-budget superhero movies are a dime a dozen, but it's safe to say you've never seen anything like 20th Century Fox's "Deadpool."

In an interview with FNC entertainment correspondent Michael Tammero, the stars of the upcoming action flick explain why the character of Deadpool isn't like any of his comic-book contemporaries — and why Ryan Reynolds was the only actor who could bring the anti-hero to life.

"For starters, Deadpool occupies a space in the 'X-Men' universe that quite literally no other character could ever occupy, or will ever occupy," says Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the masked Marvel mercenary. "Obviously, he's hyper-violent, but he's also hyper-funny… and that intersection, I find really interesting."

In the comics (and the film), Deadpool also demonstrates a penchant for wisecracking, sarcasm, and addressing the audience directly, which allowed Reynolds to bring some of his signature humor to the role.

"I feel like [Ryan Reynolds has] been playing this for a decade; he is absolutely Deadpool," adds actor T.J. Miller, who portrays Deadpool's buddy Weasel. "No one is Deadpool more than him."

Watch the rest of Tammero's interview above for clips from the film, then be sure to catch "Deadpool," coming to theaters everywhere on February 12th.