In the FOXlight: Crafting the SAG Awards With Michael J. Harney and Tony Revolori

Every year, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) presents its finest thespians with heavy metallic statuettes known as SAG Awards. But aside from the funny hat, how much do we really know about that little trophy?

For starters, it's not that little. As FOX correspondent Michael Tammero found out at the actual SAG Award pouring, each bronze and granite statuette weighs a whopping 12 pounds!

"I'm gonna have a 'Rocky' montage [of] working out, [just] to hold this thing," joked Tony Revolori, a nominee at the 21st annual SAG Awards for his role in "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

Check out the video above to watch SAG's craftsmen cast each award from molten bronze, and stay tuned for interviews with Revolori and fellow nominee Michael J. Harney of "Orange is the New Black."