Justified's Raylan Givens seems like the kind of guy who would do almost anything for his ex-wife, Winona. But isn't risking himself for her current husband, Gary, pushing it a little?

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In Tuesday's episode (10/9c on FX), Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) finds himself on involuntary vacation while the U.S. Marshal's office continues to deal with the firestorm Raylan's created. So, he fills his downtime by helping Gary (William Ragsdale), a real estate agent who owes money to the kinds of "investors" you don't want to deal with.

"They want their money back, and he doesn't have it," Ragsdale tells TVGuide.com. "They start threatening and rattling the cage, and somebody gets hurt."

Enter Winona (Natalie Zea), who calls on Raylan to help. "If there were any other way she could do this, she would," Zea says. "I think it's inevitable that latent unresolved feelings are going to come up, which is precisely why she doesn't want to go to him. She's trying to handle him being back in town in a very graceful, delicate way but she knows herself too well, and it ends up getting much more complicated than she would want."

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Naturally, Gary isn't too pleased to see his wife's ex back in the picture, either. Ragsdale says his character "begins to get a little paranoid. The ex-husband is riding in on his white horse and that sort of goes to my character's insecurities. It just sort of shakes everything up and dislodges everyone from where they thought they were. It definitely strains the marriage."

Still, Raylan is willing to help Gary, especially since he has some history with the guys who are making trouble. Ragsdale says it's nice to have some muscle backing up his character.

"My guy is not a physical guy at all," Ragsdale says. "I think he's a little delusional to think that he can get through this scrape by just negotiating and talking to people and being a salesman essentially."

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But will Winona's concerns about stirring old feelings for Raylan be realized? Ragsdale says he trusts that Gary offers enough to keep Winona by his side, even through the tough spots.

While there are tensions in the marriage, Ragsdale says, "we've established that it is a good relationship, and that Gary offers things that a woman wants, in terms of stability. Our marriage is very strong and it's sedate, which is the opposite of what her life with Raylan was like."

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