'Hookers for Jesus' Tries to Save Las Vegas Prostitutes

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Meet Annie Lobert -- a former prostitute with a singular mission: saving Las Vegas hookers.

Lobert, and her faith-based mission -- which she calls "Hookers for Jesus" -- are the focus of "Hookers: Saved on the Strip," a three-part series premiering Dec. 8 on Investigation Discovery.

"When I used to get arrested and the vice [cops] called me a 'hooker,' it really offended me," Lobert told The Post. "So one day I was thinking, if I was reaching out to women and starting to go into casinos and saying, 'I can help you change your life,' and calling myself Annie, it would be a weird thing -- 'Annie Lobert's Reach Out.'

"So I figured Hookers for Jesus. I believe in God, for one, and I was a hooker and now I go and fish for people [to save]."

TV cameras follow Lobert as she tries to teach ex-call girls how to turn their lives around.

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In the show's premiere episode, Regina, who grew up in a middle-class New Jersey family and turned to prostitution while in the Navy (where she met her pimp), is her first project.

Lobert, 43, is from Minnesota. She worked as a Las Vegas hooker for over 10 years, finally leaving the life behind after a near-fatal overdose and repeated physical abuse from violent pimps.

She started Hookers for Jesus in 2006, and eventually began working with The Church of South Las Vegas, whose pastor, Benny Perez, helped Lobert start Destiny House -- a shelter for ex-prostitutes that helps prepare them for life in the straight world (finding jobs, apartments, etc.).

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