New Orleans has seen more than its share of heartache over the last few years, so it is not surprising that the Hollywood types we talked to will be cheering on the Saints this Super Bowl Sunday.

“I would love to see the Saints win,” Nick Lachey told Pop Tarts at his 3rd Annual Celebrity Super Skins Kick Off party in conjunction with 944 at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach on Thursday night. “I love Peyton (Manning, Indianapolis Colts quarterback) and he and I have talked together a bunch of times, but New Orleans is such a special city. It’s such a sentimental favorite this weekend ... and such a representation of what our country is all about. It could really benefit from a big victory at Super Bowl. I’m excited to see them hopefully bring it home on Sunday.”

Harry Connick Jr. couldn’t agree more.

“The Saints baby! That's the only team in the Super Bowl as far as I'm concerned,” native son Connick Jr. quipped last weekend.

And according to Josh Groban, the entire season truly belongs to the black and gold.

“I am definitely supporting the Saints. It is their year this year, they've had an incredible season. Can you imagine what it would mean to the city and the franchise as they've never been to the Super Bowl?” Groban said. “I think it would be a wonderful celebration if they can pull it off.”

Fellow musicians Kris Allen and Jason Mraz are also rooting for the beginning of a "Who Dat?" dynasty.

“Go the Saints! I went to their championships and sang the National Anthem. That place is incredible,” Allen said, while Mraz chimed in with his support.

“I will go with New Orleans, they are a city that has constantly been re-building since their tragedy, and they need support and happiness in their lives right now,” he said.

But we did manage to find one person who didn’t seem quite as passionate about the outcome of Sunday’s showdown.

“I don’t follow baseball,” Rob Thomas told us with a smile.