Hilaria Baldwin's Skimpy Kitchen Yoga, Leonardo DiCaprio's Lucky Female Fan, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's buzzing about:

• The other day on Instagram, Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of herself doing yoga in her underwear on the floor of her kitchen (above). In the caption, she added that she instructs her yoga students to try "new" things just like this, so we can only hope they know enough not to do any handstands so close to their kitchen knives.

• Speaking of yoga, we recently asked fitness expert Dempsey Marks to share some yoga tips for our problem areas. (And by "problem areas," we're referring to our inner thighs and butt, and not narrow walkways loaded with knives and gas-powered appliaces.) Watch the video below for more:

• Late last week while heading out for dinner in Rome, Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly kissed a female fan on the cheek after she handed him a handwritten love letter outside the restaurant. In completely unrelated news, does anybody out there teach calligraphy lessons?

"Spotlight" earned the award for Best Picture at Sunday's Critics' Choice Awards, beating out critically acclaimed films such as "The Revenant," "The Big Short," and "The Martian" for the night's top honor. However, we still firmly believe that the actual Best Picture from the Critics' Choice Awards has to be this selfie that Justin Theroux took with a half-shaven Will Forte during dinner:

• On Saturday, just two days after her husband René Angélil succumbed to cancer, Celine Dion's older brother Daniel Dion also died of cancer. So if you see Celine Dion in the near future, give her a hug. Or don't. Just basically help her out with anything she needs. She's having a tough time right now.

• Over the weekend, Justin Bieber debuted his new purple hair in a shirtless selfie from his gym (below). It's also quite possible Justin is debuting a new tattoo or two, but with all his current ink, it's kinda hard to tell, you know? (Let's just play it safe and assume he is. Nice new ink, Justin!)

• Late last week, Netflix released yet another teaser trailer for their upcoming "Full House" sequel series "Fuller House" (below), and not only does it make clear that the Tanner home is about to get much fuller, but it also reveals that the family has finally (and begrudgingly) accepted Uncle Joey's romantic relationship with Mr. Woodchuck:

• And finally, FOX has reportedly ordered a TV pilot for a new version of "24," to be called "24: Legacy" and "retain the real-time, pulse-pounding, fast-paced spirit" of the original. This time, however, FOX is looking for an African-American actor to play the "Jack Bauer"-type role of a highly trained operative who never seems to take bathroom breaks.