Hannah Ferguson's 'Triple Threat' Pic, Lindsay Lohan's New Fella, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• Early on Thursday morning, Sports Illustrated stunner Hannah Ferguson posted a backyard swimsuit photo with fellow models Shanina Shaik and Nadine Leopold (above). But since the caption doesn't explain why they posed for this early-morning photo, we'll just have to assume they're starting their own landscaping company.

• Speaking of Ferguson, the stunning SI model recently visited our studios to discuss her side-gig with Triumph Lingerie. Watch the video below to check it out (along with some great shots from the campaign), but only if you haven't yet grown tired of the various supermodels this world keeps throwing at you.

• In a recent interview with The Sun, Lindsay Lohan revealed that she's dating a 22-year-old Russian man named Egor Tarabasav. Lohan didn't go into much detail about her new beau, but People describes him as a "business heir," which we take to mean he's also unemployed most of the time. Should make for a great couple!

• After giving birth to their second child just eight months ago, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin revealed on Wednesday that she and Alec Baldwin are already expecting another (below). And seeing as this will be their third child in just over three years, it's getting harder and harder not to picture Alec constantly chasing Hilaria around the house à la Benny Hill.

• Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg are reportedly in talks to produce a live-action "Where's Waldo?" movie based on Martin Handford's popular illustrated books. That said, we can only hope they base some of the script on the "Land of the Wallies" puzzle we haven't been able to solve in 26 years, because we need some closure.

• Maria Menounos and longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro got engaged on Wednesday's edition of "The Howard Stern Show," which was only eight days after Stern's own limo driver also got engaged on the air. In other words, Howard Stern's studio is slowly overtaking the Empire State Building as New York's newest proposal hot-spot.

• Austin "Chumlee" Russell, of the History Channel series "Pawn Stars," was arrested on Wednesday after officers found "methamphetamine, marijuana and at least one gun" in his possession. He's currently being held in a Las Vegas jail until he can make bail, or at least until his aloof, I'm-too-thick-to-know-what-I-was-doing routine fools everyone into forgiving him, just like on the show.

• And finally, "Hamilton" composer Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed that his hit Broadway musical is secretly about Kanye West, and claims that he shared this fact with West himself. Miranda didn't reveal how West reacted, but it's probably safe to assume that West now thinks "Hamilton" is the best musical of all time.