Guess model Natalie Pack looks like Cindy Crawford, but wants to be herself

The fashion industry is always looking for their next "it"girl, and Natalie Pack might just be "it."  The LA-based model bears an uncanny resemblance to superstar Cindy Crawford, and with national campaigns like Guess under her belt, she's hoping to follow in the supermodel’s footsteps.

FOX411: So, do you think you look like Cindy Crawford?

Natalie Pack: You know I heard it since I was a kid. I don’t know if it’s the mole but then people say, “No, it’s all in the eyes.” But either way what an icon to look like; nobody better to me especially is a model. It’s a compliment.

FOX411: Has it helped you or hurt you land modeling gigs?

Pack: I think it would only help. She’s stunning. She’s gorgeous. I think to look like her is only a good thing in the modeling industry aside from that you have to have your own brand, your own style, and I think I have enough of that, so I’m not a little Cindy Crawford copycat. Making your own name is important as well.

FOX411: You were on ‘America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12.’ What was that experience really like?

Pack: I was just out of high school. I was 18 and when you’re just out of high school everybody thinks they’re on top of the world and I knew nothing about the show. I didn’t have anybody I could seek advice from and when I went on it, it was probably the biggest wake-up call in my life because you’re seeing yourself at such a young age being portrayed in a way that the editors want to portray you, and it was true to who I was. I was a spoiled brat. Seeing that on television was a huge wake-up call. It really makes you realize that you need to be aware of the things you say and how some things hurt other people so it was a very humbling experience for me, and it definitely shaped the way I am today. I’m glad I went through it.

FOX411: What did Tyra Banks teach you?

Pack: Tyra wasn’t around with the show as much as we think we all assumed she would be. She was there in panel. We never really got one–on-one time with her, but every time she was there, she’s very strong, she’s very articulate for what she wants from us, and in each photoshoot definitely exaggerated as to what the modeling industry is really like. It gives you bits and pieces as what to learn as a model. Learning to communicate with the camera through your eyes is really powerful as a model.

FOX411: You have posted pictures with Katherine Webb who became insta-famous a couple years ago. Has she given you any advice on how to handle media attention?

Pack: We had done Miss USA together that’s how we met. I was California. She was Alabama. We were the two tallest girls so they always stuck us right in the back in every group photo so we got some talking time. She got famous literally overnight. She’s a Southern girl. She’s a Southern belle. She never saw it as an opportunity I’m going to be famous now. She just saw it as, “Woah! This is nice.” She handled it so well. We would always say to each other, “We’re going to be successful in different ways.” I remember her saying to me, “This is so much attention to me. I don’t know if I love the attention.” She’s never been one to want to be the one to be the center of attention so I think how she stayed humbled and stayed true to herself is something that I admire. If the same thing happened to me I would look to what she did as inspiration definitely.

FOX411: What’s next for you?

Pack: I have a few things coming up with Guess. I have a trip to Italy with them in a few weeks which I’m really excited about. I am launching my own swimwear line. It’s called LA/CA swimwear. It’s so important as a model to have a project for yourself. We all know modeling there is a timetable. I want to start something now as I created this brand for myself.

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