Great Scott's Salmon Salad

When the summer heat is on, a great salad is the coolest answer to what's for dinner.

Great Scott, head chef and owner of Le Petit Chateau in New Jersey, shows you how to make the perfect salmon salad:

• Salmon Salad with Seasonal Vegetables and Greens


2 oz. mesclun greens

1 oz. balsamic vinegar

2 oz. olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

1 - 5 oz. filet of salmon

1 medium red beet

1 medium golden beet

1 avocado

1 oz. diced cucumber

1 grapefruit


Trim beets on either side, season with sea salt, wrap in aluminum foil and bake in a 350 degree oven for approximately 25 minutes until fork tender. Cook, peel, and cut to desired shape and reserve for salad.

Peel grapefruit and segment (cut between the white membranes and is called supremes when segmented) and reserve until arranging salad.

Avocado - cut in half lengthwise, scoop out, slice, and reserve for arranging salad.

Cucumber - peel, cut lengthwise, scrape seeds out with spoon, slice and reserve for arranging salad.

Dressing - put vinegar in bowl, season with salt & pepper as salt does not dissolve when oil is added and slowly whisk in oil until blended.

Toss greens and vegetables and grapefruit in vinaigrette and arrange on plate.

Salmon - either on a hot grill or hot sauté pan, add oil to pan and season salmon with salt and pepper to taste. Place skin side up into pan and sear for approximately 2 1/2 minutes on each side. Season salmon again once cooked and place atop salad greens and serve immediately.

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