Hope you had your tissues handy — Tuesday night’s episode of “Glee” was a five-hankie tearjerker.

Where’s Britney when you need her?

In the spirituality-themed episode, the kids of McKinley High struggle with their feelings about God after Kurt’s dad suffers a sudden heart attack.

Kurt’s devastated — and guilty. Right before his dad fell ill, Kurt told him he couldn’t make it to one of their traditional Friday night dinners, a ritual they started when Kurt’s mom was still alive. This disappoints Burt and hurts his feelings.

Kurt is also struggling with his religion — or lack thereof. When the New Directions find out about Kurt’s dad, they decide they’d like to sing about God and spirituality. Kurt wants no part in it; he doesn’t believe in a God who made him gay and made so many others intolerant. He sings a soulful version of the Beatles’ “ I Want to Hold Your Hand” as he longs for his real father, not the heavenly one.

Sue also doesn’t want the kids singing about God, arguing that it’s a public school, and she believes in the separation of church and state.

Finn, on the other hand, is having a religious epiphany — the figure of Jesus appeared in his grilled cheese sandwich — it’s Grilled Cheesus! Finn prays to G.C. to let him win football games, become quarterback again and get to second base with Rachel — and all of his wishes come true! (Great line: “Her boobs aren’t that great, but they’re still girl boobs.”)

Sue also reveals that her feelings about God are a bit more complicated than she previously let on. No matter how much Sue prayed for her mentally disabled sister to get better, other people still laughed at her. Sue shows a genuine tender side in her relationship with her sister, and her sister promises to pray for her.

But while Sue is coming around to God, Finn is questioning Grilled Cheesus. The new quarterback, Sam, was badly injured in the game — that’s why Finn’s being reinstated as QB. Grilled Cheesus has a warped way of working miracles! (Musical highlight: Finn singing “Losing My Religion.”) Emma consoles Finn, convincing him that if God exists, he’s not communicating through a sandwich.

Finally, after all that praying, Kurt’s dad responds to the touch of his hand — he’s conscious! The gang gathers to sing “What If God Was One of Us” — and Sue decides not to report Will for letting them perform the song.

And Finn finally eats the remaining half of Grilled Cheesus.

—Pop News Wire