Fellow Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima is defending friend Gisele Bündchen after the backlash from comments she made Sunday night following her husband Tom Brady’s loss in Super Bowl XLVI.

Bündchen is being criticized for implying that the Patriot’s loss was her husband’s teammates’ fault. “"My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times," the supermodel said.

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Even the opposing team is weighing in.

During the team’s victory rally at Met Life Stadium Tuesday, Giant’s running back Brandon Jacobs said that Bündchen should “continue to be cute and shut up.”

Jacobs apparently could not believe that the leggy model would throw her husband’s teammates “under the bus,” according to the New York Post.

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Wednesday, on Fox & Friends, Lima said that Bündchen’s comments were not meant to be anything bad.

Working together as Victoria’s Secret Angels for many years, Lima feels bad for what Mrs. Brady is going through.

“Being a celebrity, anything you do, you say, you’re being followed,” Lima said, adding that as celebrities you are judged by “anything you do, by any movement.”

Married to NBA player Marko Jaric, Lima understands how difficult life can be as a professional athlete’s wife. Lima says the worst part is as a family, you are put under “a lot of pressure.”

Lima hopes people will relax a bit and let Bündchen live her life, saying “it was a huge game, you know things happen.”

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