Get celebs' signature summer swimsuit styles, before its too late!

Summer is almost over, and with Labor Day weekend fast approaching, this could be your last chance to dress like a celebrity! So don’t blow it!

FOX411 spoke with celebrity stylist Sha’lik Harford of I Style Starz Media Marketing on how to achieve your favorite star’s signature swimsuit style, on a budget.

First up, Sofia Vergara.

“Sofia’s signature style is very unique.  She’s more mature in age and so she still bring style and elegance and class to any beach or resort setting,” said Harford. “What I love about this particular cover-up is you can wear it with any color. There’s so many colors in this print that you can go with any color. Your bathing suit can be teal. It can be pink. It can be gray. It can be black.”

GET SOFIA VERGARA’S LOOK.  Pink 2 Piece High Waist Bathing Suit (Victoria's Secret) $25.00 / Underwood NY Custom Cover Up) $39.99 - $64.99.

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If you prefer a more laid-back Californian beachy look, go for a look similar to “Dancing With the Stars” host Brooke Burke’s.

“Brooke Burke is amazing. This really tells her story. It’s sexy. It’s sophisticated but it’s still fun and playful which makes it great to go to the beach because you can play with the kids on the beach but you don’t have to be self-conscious about what you’re wearing,” Harford said. “I love this color in the sunlight; in any resort setting and the print on the sorang is amazing.”

GET BROOKE BURKE’S LOOK. Teal 2 Piece Bathing Suit (H&M) $27.90 / (Underwood NY Custom Sorang) $29.99 - $57.89.

Or, for your inner diva, consider Beyonce’s fabulous bathing suit sense.

“ What we love most about Beyonce is her confidence and what she brings to the stage. This particular bathing suit embodies that entire experience,” Harford said. “It’s powerful.  It’s strong.  It’s the Wonder Woman of 2013.”

GET BEYONCE’S LOOK. American Flag 1 Piece Bath Suit (American Apparel) $48.00/ (Underwood NY Custom Cover Up) $39.99 - $87.99.