George Lopez: Justin Bieber’s Hair "Has Made Its Way Into the Latino Community”

Geroge Lopez, otherwise known as G.Lo, is riffing on the impact Justin Bieber’s signature hair cut is having in Latino neighborhoods.

“The Biebs has staying power, Lopez said in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood. “Unfortunately that haircut has made its way into the Latino community,” he joked.

The late night comedian was dishing on the ins and outs of the upcoming ALMA Awards which he is hosting with close friend Eva Longoria.

“What this does is that is has a positive portrayal of Latinos in media,” said Lopez, adding that although he’s “fortunate to be nominated” this year he has some stiff competition.

"I could possibly lose to The Dog Whisperer," he jokingly added.

G.Lo added that the ALMA Awards should exist because “there is more Latino talent.”

“This shows how things have changed,” said Lopez.

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