'Friends' reunion rumors send fans into a frenzy

Are Ross, Rachel and the gang headed back to Central Perk?! Sadly, the answer is no.   

Rumors began swirling earlier this week that a “Friends” reunion was in the works, with some of the more extreme stories saying NBC had already confirmed the show would be returning.

There’s even a photoshopped “Friends” poster circulating online that boasts “The One With the Reunion” is heading our way on Thanksgiving 2014.

But unfortunately, all the “Friends” superfans out there will be disappointed, because the show’s co-creator has not only dismissed the current rumors, but she said a reunion of the 90s sitcom is never going to happen.

Marta Kauffman cleared up the rumors while speaking with E! News, and she explained that the show wouldn’t work now because the characters from the series have families of their own and are past their coffee house hangout days.

“’Friends’ was about that time in your life when your friends are your family, and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore,” she said.

Warner Bros. also dismissed reports that a “Friends” movie was in development, telling Zap2it there is no “Friends”-related project being worked on by the studio.


It seems the fans out there will just have to satisfy their “Friends” cravings by catching the show’s (many) reruns.