Fox in Cannes: Are Clooney and Canalis Kaput?

Is George Clooney finally finished with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis?

All the signs point to yes.

Clooney’s girlfriend of nearly two years showed up solo at the Cannes film festival this week where she has been partying like a lady without a serious boyfriend. Even some of Canalis’ party pals say they are skeptical about their friend’s relationship status.

“She certainly wasn’t acting like she was attached. She was even flirting with the waiters,” one young lady who spent Wednesday evening with Canalis told Fox411 about her behavior at the Roberto Cavalli bash in Cannes.

Canalis has been in Cannes since the beginning of the film festival. On Monday she was snapped partying on a pal’s yacht in a teensy weensy bikini and on Wednesday night she hit the dance floor at the opening of the new Cavalli boutique with the newly single model Bar Refaeli, recently cast off by Clooney’s fellow ladies man Leonardo DiCaprio.

Perhaps the pair were nursing their wounds together.

Being set free by the anti-marriage Clooney shouldn’t come as a surprise to Canalis since she is about to hit Clooney’s  standard arm candy expiration date. He spent just over a year with his last lady love, cocktail waitress Sarah Larson before calling it quits and has been with Elisabetta since 2009.

Clooney was married to actress Talia Balsam  for four years and has very publicly stated that he will never marry again.

Canalis might be holding out some hope, however. She bailed on the French festivities right after her wild night out with the ladies at the Cavalli party to meet up with Clooney in London where he told E! News that the pair are “together and doing fine, as far as I can see.”

But E! also reports that Canalis has been feeling increasingly insecure around Clooney’s high profile high-minded pals, and that friends in Clooney’s inner circle say he is ready to move on.

Thankfully, Canalis has secured a day job for her post-Clooney survival plan. She has done two lingerie campaigns for Cavalli and the designer seems to have taken her on as his latest muse.