CHICAGO - Chris Medina is no longer on American Idol, but he's finding success in his post-Idol life. It's not all about singing either.

Before making it onto the mega-hit show, Medina says he was working in a coffee shop in Chicago trying to figure out how and what he was going to do to take care of his fiancé, Juliana Ramos, after she was involved in a near-fatal car accident.

She told him to sing. Now, after receiving a big donation, Medina is hitting some high notes.

"That team over there at ProActiv would like to donate $35,000 to the foundation for Juliana," American Idol and radio host Ryan Seacrest told Chris Medina today in Los Angeles.

"That's so cool," Medina said, while choking back tears.

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That donation was a big surprise for Medina. He was actually on air when he found out about the donation. Medina was booted off American Idol last week, before the judges announced the top 24 candidates.

Since that appearance, Medina has been making the rounds on talk and radio shows trying to raise money for Ramos. She was injured in a car accident a couple of years ago and suffered major brain damage.

Seacrests' next guest, actor Topher Grace, got emotional when he saw Medina and heard the couple's touching love story.

"We want to do something special for you and we actually wanna match the Guthy Renker/Ryan Seacrest donation. It's a moving discussion you had and when we talk about what defines a man, you define a man. And that's just so amazing," the film's producer told Medina.

That is $70,000 for the Laurus Foundation to help take care of Juliana.

Grace, in a new movie starting tomorrow called "Take Me Home Tonight," said he would donate 1 percent of the movie's profits to the Laurus Foundation.

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