FNM Exclusive: When Nathan Sykes Says He's a 'Terrible Flirt,' He Means It

When Nathan Sykes says he's a "terrible flirt," he doesn't mean that he's an incurable flirt or even a hopeless flirt — he literally means he's terrible at flirting.

"I think it's a confidence thing," says Sykes, whose new single "Famous" has been burning up the U.K. singles chart. "I think on stage, I'm like the most confident person on the planet, and nothing really bothers me at all … I think in person, especially when I'm flirting, I can go quite shy."

But instead of hiding away in his tour bus and waiting around for ladies to start flirting with him — which, let's be honest, would've been the easiest thing to do — Sykes decided to get proactive about his problem.

"I was like, 'Let's write a song that can flirt for me,'" Sykes tells FNM in an exclusive inteview. "So we ended up writing 'Kiss Me Quick.'"

"I think [my intent] kind of shows in the track," adds Sykes. 'It's quite playful, it's a bit cheeky. It's a bit flirty as well."

Watch the rest of Sykes' interview above for more on the origins of his hit single "Kiss Me Quick," then stay tuned for his crazy story about four fans who tried to break down his hotel door. (Hey, look at that! His plan worked!)