FNM Exclusive: 'Person of Interest' Star Michael Emerson Loves Working With His Wife: 'We Feel Like Teenagers'

We've seen Michael Emerson act alongside an attack dog, an all-knowing surveillance computer, and even a monster made of smoke. But if there's one co-star that still gives him goosebumps, it's his wife.

Emerson — probably best known for his scene-stealing roles in "The Practice," "Lost" and now "Person of Interest" — tells FNM that he finds it a little tricky to work with his real-life spouse Carrie Preston ("True Blood," "Crowded"), who also appears on his current CBS series as his on-screen fiance.

"I've worked with my wife Carrie a couple of times on different shows, and of course it's great," says Emerson. "It's sort of sweet and funny to see your spouse coming out of the trailer next to yours. It's like, 'Oh, hi honey!'"

That said, Emerson says it's somewhat of a tough task to disregard their real relationship once the cameras start rolling. "I have to kind of erase her wife-ness, and replace it with character-ness."

"It's a little tricky, and it feels kind of odd," he continues. "I think it makes us both feel a little self-conscious. We feel like teenagers, I think, when we do scenes together. It's hard not to crack up!"

We also imagine that it's doubly hard — and doubly adorable — when their dog gets a cameo as well:

Watch the clip above for more about Emerson and Preston, along with the funny story of how Michael came across the very first script for "Person of Interest."