FNM Exclusive: La La Anthony Says Starring in 'Unforgettable' is Like Being in Science Class

La La Anthony might be new to A&E's "Unforgettable," but she's quickly learning the ropes — along with a thing or two about medical science.

The actress recently paid a visit to FNM's studios to discuss her brand new character on the hit crime series, and how every day on the set offers a new learning experience.

"'Unforgettable' is about our lead character Carrie [Wells] — she never forgets anything," explains Anthony about the detective played by Poppy Montgomery. "And I found out, after being on the show, that's a real condition that people in the United States, and all around the world, suffer from."

But that's not where Anthony's education ended. As it turns out, La La's crime-solving character of Delina Michaels is teaching her a few things.

"I'm a medical examiner … It's a really fun and interesting character," says Anthony. "I felt like I was in a science class and acting at the same time. So I loved that I was learning so much about the medical field, as well as having fun doing my job."

Fans of the show will also be glad to learn La La has nothing but nice things to say about co-star Poppy Montgomery, and even praises Poppy for leading the exceptional "Unforgettable" ensemble.

"She just made the environment so great for all of us," gushes Anthony. "Every day you'd go to work, and it just didn't feel like work. That's what you want out of life — for work not to feel like work … Because of Poppy, I just had such a great time."

Watch the video above for more from La La, and be sure to tune in for new episodes of A&E's "Unforgettable," airing Friday nights at 8 p.m. EST.