FNM Exclusive: Kimberly Williams-Paisley Shares Three Silly Aspects of Married Life With Brad Paisley

What's it like being married to a Grammy-winning member of the Grand Ole Opry? Probably a lot sillier than you think.

In an interview at with FNM, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley opened up about the funnier aspects of life with Brad Paisley, and especially their laid-back vow renewals earlier this year.

"It was kind of an irreverent ceremony," she said, explaining how "SNL" funnyman Kevin Nealon served as their officiant and set the tone for the evening. "It was very tongue-in-cheek, and just meant to be silly and fun."

What's more, Nealon's wife Susan was in charge of outfitting the women for the ceremony, which left Kimberly wearing a very interesting gown, to say the least.

"My wedding dress was see-through," she admitted. "And we just rolled with it."

But seeing as Brad is an award-winning country musician, he didn't pass up an opportunity to serenade his beautiful bride with a romantic tune on their actual wedding day back in 2003 — just not in the way you'd imagine.

"When Brad and I first got engaged, we literally went to pre-marital counseling about the toilet seat, because Brad never put the seat down," said Kimberly. "He actually wrote a song about it and sang it at our wedding."

For more about Kimberly's married life with Brad, including their idea of a great date night, be sure to watch our exclusive interview above.