FNM Exclusive: 'Joy' Actress Elisabeth Rohm Says Co-Star Jennifer Lawrence is 'Sunshine and Rainbows'

We always had a feeling that Jennifer Lawrence was more fun than a barrel of adorable (albeit clumsy) monkeys, but our recent interview with "Joy" actress Elisabeth Rohm confirms it.

In fact, Rohm, who plays Lawrence's sister in the new film, tells FNM that she was happy to work with the entire cast, many of whom she previously shared the screen with in David O. Russel's "American Hustle."

"It felt like coming home, working for a director that I knew very well, and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence," says Rohm. "And getting to work with actors again like Bradley Cooper and Mr. De Niro … [it's] a real cinema family that David O. Russell has created."

"This movie is very special and different," adds Rohm. "Even though it has the traditional ensemble in it, that we've come to love from David's movies … it's really about one woman's journey. It's about a transformation where Joy really begins to see her own personal power."

And speaking of personal power, Rohm says she sees a lot of "Joy" in her co-star Jennifer Lawrence, too.

"Working with Jennifer Lawrence is like sunshine and rainbows, because she's just so full of energy and light!" gushes Rohm. "Seeing her movies, and seeing that grace, and that maturity, and that beauty, and that sense of composure that she had at such a young age … she's very inspiring to be around. "

Watch Rohm's entire interview above for more, then be sure to check out "Joy" in theaters everywhere on December 25.