FNM Exclusive: Craig Campbell Releases Single About Faith, Comments on Comparisons to Alan Jackson

Most of us envision the afterlife as a place where the streets are paved with gold and the living is fancy, but that's not what Craig Campbell hopes for at all.

In his new single "Outskirts of Heaven," the country singer lays out his ideal vision of the hereafter — and we've gotta admit, it sounds pretty nice.

"'Outskirts of Heaven' was an idea I had, just sitting at the house one night," Campbell tells FNM. "I got to thinking about heaven itself, and the image I have of heaven is, you know, golden streets and Pearly Gates [with] these big mansions and bright lights, which kinda sounds like a big city."

"But I grew up in a really small town down in south Georgia," he adds. "And a country boy like myself, I have a hard time imagining myself living in a big city, even if it is heaven. So this song is more of a prayer request between me and the good Lord, so that when I do get to heaven, there's going to be this awesome spread — a log cabin, a river nearby where I can go fishing. It's my idea of heaven."

At the present time, though, Campbell seems perfectly happy just to tour and perform with some of the biggest names in country — and the comparisons to Alan Jackson probably don't hurt, either.

"Early on in my career, I was compared to Alan a lot, and it was one of those things that I felt like it was gonna happen just because he's from Georgia as well, [and] we had the same producer," explains Campbell. "So the first time I met him was pretty awesome, and he is absolutely one of the best of our time. Every time I get to see him play live it's almost like we're watching a living, walking, country-music museum. It's pretty neat."

Check out the rest of our interview with Campbell for more, including his tips for impressing a country girl — and be sure to download his latest single "Outskirts of Heaven" on iTunes.