FNM Exclusive: Colbie Caillat Gives Fans a 'Taste' of California on New Single, Shares Inspiring Advice From Her Father

We can't all be lucky enough to live out by the beaches of Southern California, but Colbie Caillat is doing her part to bring the coastline a little closer.

As chronicled in the video for her latest single "Goldmine" (below), Caillat and her bandmates recorded her new album "The Malibu Sessions" at a Malibu beach house — and you can almost hear the sun, sand and surf in every note.

"It just reminds me of good times and the lifestyle that I live in California," Caillat tells Fox News Magazine in an exclusive interview. "It's always sunny and beautiful and we're always outdoors every day, and I wanted to give people a little taste of that."

But aside from all that sunny, beautiful weather, Caillat also gets her inspiration from a much more personal place: her father, Ken Caillat.

"My dad, he was a music producer, he produced Fleetwood Mac, a few of their records," Caillat tells us. "I wasn't born yet when he was recording those records, but he was still in the music industry, and he was still mixing records in our house. I'd get to go to the studio all the time and meet these amazing musicians, and I got to learn the other side of it.

"And my dad gave me really amazing advice," she continues. "He really was the one that told me to become a songwriter, because I only wanted to be a singer, and that was all really I had a vision for. He was like, 'You know what? Here's a guitar, here's a piano, I'll put you in lessons … If you wanna sing, learn that craft and write your own songs. And then you can be an artist, and send your own message out there.'"

Watch the rest of Caillat's exclusive interview above for more about "The Malibu Sessions," which is currently available for pre-order on ColbieCaillat.com.