FNM Exclusive: Charlotte McKinney Reveals Her Biggest Turn-Off: 'I Will Leave a Date!'

After seeing Charlotte McKinney in one of her gorgeous GUESS ads, or maybe up on the big screen in "Joe Dirt 2," we imagine a lot of folks have wondered what it's like to date her.

Not so fast, people! If you really want to woo a woman like McKinney, you've gotta know what she likes — and more importantly, what she doesn't like.

In the midst of a recent interview with McKinney abour her bikini-buying tips and fitness regimen, we straight-up asked about her biggest turn-offs. Luckily, she wasn't turned off by the question, and she let us know exactly the kind of guy she'd ditch. ('I will leave a date," she claimed.)

Watch the video above to learn her biggest pet peeve, but stay tuned for those lingerie and workout tips (as well as with plenty of related pics).